The following list of resources have been found to be free for non-commercial use. Please check the licensing at each site, and feel free to report any errors in the forums.

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Bible Study

Top quality Bible study software. Free for non-commercial use.

Online Bible
Bible study software.

The Sword Project
Bible study software released under the GNU General Public License. It includes free bible translations in many languages as well as commentaries and daily devotions.

Desktop Environment

ICHTHUX is a desktop theme and software suite geared towards Christians.

Operating Systems

This is a completely free GNU/Linux based computer operating system. It includes absolutely NO non-free software.

Ubuntu Christian Edition
This is a completely free computer operating system that has been specifically tailored towards christians. It is a GNU/Linux system that is customised with software of interest to christians. You can run it from CD, install it to hard disk alongside your existing system, or install it to replace your existing system.

Worship Aides

Many people are familiar with lyric projection software. Those that are not, or cannot afford it, generally hammer the round peg of powerpoint into the square hole of lyric projection. It goes in, but is not a great fit. OpenLP is free professional quality lyric projection software. Current versions only run on Windows but Mac and GNU/Linux versions are planned.

Songsheet Generator
Songsheet Generator has three main purposes. To help you manage your collection of songs, to enable you to print congregational songsheets by simply selecting your songs from a list and hitting print, and to provide a digital "words and chords" display for your musicians. Installable versions exist for Windows and Mac, plus a cross-platform java version (jar file) for other systems. (I have successfully ran it on Debian GNU/Linux using OpenJDK.)

Another free lyric projection software. This one runs on GNU/Linux and Mac as well as Windows.

Christians Against Copyright