The following list of resources have been found to be free for non-commercial use. Please check the licensing at each site, and feel free to report any errors in the forums.

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CByond Music
Central distribution for song writers and recording artists who wish to give their work away freely to the body of Christ.

Contains chord charts of many hymns and songs that are either in the public domain, or are freely licensed.

Family Worship Showcase
A showcase of over 500 songs by over 100 writers that you can download, enjoy, and use in your own corporate worship.
This is a website for those interested in creating Christian music to collaborate. If you have a song in your heart but don't have all the necessary skills to turn it into a finished recording then visit this site and post what you have. Someone else may then take what you have done and add to it, culminating in a finished piece of work.

Public Domain Worship and Praise Music Archive
Chord charts of public domain hymns and songs.

A huge collection of music including music downloads, chord charts, sheet music etc. Please take note that the authors of the songs retain copyright on them, but a condition of submitting to sharesong is that you allow non CCLI license holders to use the songs in worship.

Unmercenary Sacred Music
Free congregational liturgical music for Orthodox and Catholic communities.

Christians Against Copyright