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This aim of this site is to campaign for resources that can be used in Christian ministry without having to jump through legal hoops, pay large sums of money, or risk breaking copyright law.

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"Why We Exist" explains the reasons for this site, and why we believe that restrictive copyright hampers ministry and the spread of the Gospel.

The "FAQ" details our responses to some of the common concerns about this site. If you find yourself with a strong negative reaction to this site then you may find your concerns addressed. If not then please post in our forums and we would be delighted to discuss these issues with you.

"Resources" is an ever growing list of online resources that you can use in your ministry, free from copyright hindrances.

"Links" is a list of articles and documents that discuss copyright from a christian perspective.

The "Blog" is where we chronicle what we are up to in our attempts to get people to think about restrictive copyright. We'll let you know where we've been starting discussions, and let you know if we have managed to have any interesting conversations on the topic.

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We pray that this site will be a blessing to you, and may educate you and stimulate constructive and prayerful thought.

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